Exterior House Washing

It is common for homes to have mold or mildew on at least one side of it.
Mold and mildew grow in dark, wet places, so if your home doesn’t get enough sunlight or you have shrubs growing close to it (causing a shady, dark area ) you will be certain to have mildew present.

The competition comes along and with a power washer, they blast away at this areas of mildew and hurray, the mildew is gone. Or is it? The first problem is that to the naked eye, it looks like it is gone. But in reality, there are still microscopic mold spores that will be left on the siding causing it to grow back sooner than it should.

The second problem is that power washing vinyl siding “burns” it. I have gotten more than a few calls from customers saying they had their house power washed for $199 special and now their siding looks “funny”. Basically what happened was that the high pressure of the water caused the finish on the siding to wear off and look discolored. Unfortunately, this can only be fixed by replacing the siding or painting it.. Aluminum siding fares even worse. The high water pressure actually takes the paint off of the siding. Again, it will need to be replaced or painted to fix it .

Power washing does have its niche. It is absolutely necessary to power wash a deck or any other wood/stained exterior surface (pergola, gazebo) as a pre cleaning for stain or paint application. Concrete is another substrate that can be power washed (sidewalks, driveways, stucco, block, brick )

We call it EXTERIOR HOUSE WASHING!  We actually use cleaning products that will KILL mold and mildew ! These cleaning products will not ruin you siding ! Gutters can be cleaned by hand to look new again !

Would you wash your car with a power washer and NO soap? Same idea for homes, we use cleaning products with our industry leading process that no other company can duplicate!

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