Molding Installation

Add a Decorative Finish to Your Home’s Walls
To add both value and style to your home, consider the installation of molding.

This is a small touch that can make a world of difference in a room—regardless of whether you are considering a colonial style or something more modern. Despite the benefits of adding it, however, it is not always an easy task.

BOC Has a Talented Finish Carpenter on Staff!
Rather than having to pay for a carpenter and then pay a painter to prep and paint, Blast of Color Painting can do it all from beginning to end.

• Cost-Effective

• Time-Saving – No need to coordinate a carpenters schedule with the painter’s schedule.

• Less Problems –  Painters can’t say, the carpenter did a lousy job, so our paint job is going to be lousy. Blast of Color Painting takes full responsibility!

• Finished Product is Outstanding – No visible nail holes (as if it was the molding in a mansion)! We use wood filler instead of painters putty or glazing . We apply two coats of wood filler and then sand so that there are no visible “dimples” from nail holes. All voids where moulding meets drywall are caulked with the highest quality caulk. All joints are sanded smooth prior to painting to eliminate visible transitions.

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