Why BOC?

Knowledge & Experience

• John/owner has 30 years of experience in the industry (1989-2019)

• Started out as a helper and then after 3 years, became a painter on high end mansions in the Hamptons, NY. Only worked with the ” best of the best ” contractors in eastern Long Island

• Learned how to satisfy customers that wouldn’t settle for anything less than perfection!

• 2002 – Became a business owner Long Island, NY. assumed those high end accounts in the Hamptons

• 2005 – 10 employees and signed on with the local Long Island Painters Union to become JCS Painting, a Union Painting company.

• Working for the union really fine tuned everyones abilities. Real on the job training and classroom training. These training methods are still applied today with all of our new employees.

• These jobs helped create my vast knowledge of products and application of these products, and of course, OSHA safety requirements.

• Plaster wall specialist !, since older buildings in NY are mostly made of plaster. most substrates (surfaces) in DE are drywall…

• 2008 ( life / love happened and re-located to DE ) took my experience and knowledge to DE and started BLAST OF COLOR.

• Still have 2 employees from NY business that currently work for me.

• All current employees have a minimum of 10 years experience and also have been fine tuned to union regulations / practices.

Our Services

Through the years, we have done it all: from million dollar mansions to apartment complex repaints, new home construction, real estate rentals, many flip houses, rental repaints, commercial buildings, industrial projects, interior/exterior home owner jobs (our best seller)

Intangibles (WE CARE)

• We care about your home, we will respect it more than our own.

• We care about prep work. We do more prep than our competition and it shows in the end. We are not afraid to spackle !

• We care about cleanliness. people sometimes say, ” my house is actually cleaner now, than before you came!”

• We care about your satisfaction. We always make sure that before we leave a completed job, you have a smile on your face.

• We care about communication. Communication is essential to all relationships. We will call you back! We will have an estimate to you in a timely fashion, We will update you on scheduling as the start date nears, we will communicate daily as the job progresses. We will Thank You for using our services when the job is done!

• In the end, when some one is providing a service, caring is the difference between excellent and average…

Our Team

• Let’s face it, a successful business all depends on its employees .Without quality employees, accomplishing quality results is impossible. ” My Guys ” are top notch .Each and every one of our employees are masters in the trade. 10 years experience is a must to be considered for a job with BOC

• Personality is also a huge factor in our hiring process. No attitudes needed…BOC has protocols in our process. If that don’t have the flexibility to adhere to our protocols, they will not represent BOC.

• YOU WILL NOT smell cigarettes, alcohol or marijuana on our job site. All too often we encounter other trades on site that “party” All BOC employees are non smoking / drinking / drugging.

• Union Training methods. We adhere to Union Painter Protocol when doing a job. All employees are trained in this system. That’s why we are FAST, NEAT, and accomplish PROFESSIONAL RESULTS.

• My Guys are my guys. Unlike so many competitors, We do not subcontract our work to any painter that’s looking for work. It will be the same guys working on the project from beginning to end .

• Owner is one of “the guys”. Owner will also be on site for daily inspections and lend a hand if needed.

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Wilmington, and everywhere in between!

Operating Hours

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