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Exterior painting should be left to the professionals at Blast of Color Painting.

The professional results that we provide will lead to an increase in your home’s value and the curb appeal that you dream of !!

It all starts with a wash…

All surfaces to be painted must be washed free of dirt, mildew, mold and chalking paint.


Exterior house washing is one of our specialties and needs to be done properly to ensure that the surfaces are ready for primer/ paint application.

Prep work is essential…


All loose, peeling paint needs to be scraped , sanded , primed and filled with an exterior wood filler or similar product. All voids in trim and windows need to be caulked with a high quality caulk. All bare wood and tannin stains need to be primed with an oil base primer to prevent stains from bleeding through the paint. All Blast of Color employees are trained in these steps to ensure quality results to provide your home the protection it needs from the sun, weather and changes in temperature.

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